Saturday, April 7, 2012

New GSA Video demonstrates excesses and Racism

A video posted on Washington Wire, purportedly shows the excesses of of the Government Services Agency who paid for the video's production. At about the two minute mark, the video shows the tag ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) as a headline, followed by two minorities receiving cash from the lead in the video. The third character is a middle-aged white male who is turned down for cash by the singer.

The point is subtle, but it creates the perception that the ARRA was only for minorities. It further demonstrates the careless disregard for the tax payor dollars the federal government collects for the "benefit" of the people.

I would ask that everyone who reads this take the time to ask their representatives to investigate the development of this scripted video to see if their was an overt attempt to promote this video and the covered programs as for minorities.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This week, President Obama made a scriptural reference in a speech about taxing the rich. Quoting the Gospel of Luke, the President iterated the point about, "To whom much is given, much is required."

It is ironic that Mr. Obama would use a religious reference in a week that he has hammered religion, now requiring religious affiliated organizations to offer health care, despite objections of conscience that have always been honored in the past.

That irony still escapes the basic false premise in the scripture reference he used. Jesus was not intending that the much that would be required would be given to Caesar (even though he did say, "Render unto Caesar..." No, the Gospels were not intended to be a mechanism with which to fund the governments of the world. They were intended to encourage all of us to look within ourselves, to find a transformation of self, and in doing so, commit ourselves to help others. That means, me, doing what I can for someone or some people as I can. It does not mean that a government, overblown and bereft of capability to actually help people should become the vessel by which this help is delivered. More importantly, it was not intended by the founders to be the plan for our government.

President Obama has been around long enough for people to finally recognize the both sides of his mouth he talks out of. Perhaps, and just maybe, if the Federal government got out of the business of confiscating as much money as they do, that we all could do more to help our communities, churches and our own families.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Turning on the hand that hasn't fed you

As the Republican Party enters the selection process for its national nominee for the Office of the President of the United States, two things have become very clear:

Mitt Romney is clearly the man to beat, and everyone else is determined to let their egos do as much damage to every frontrunner as possible.

The need for this nation is to become more jobs-friendly, less governmentally intrusive, less socially intrusive and return to the core principles the founders made is too great to ignore. Rather than spend like there is no tomorrow to keep the people enslaved in their dependence to the government dole, we need to adopt an old vision that saw hard work rewarded by success.

We have misread, through the commerce clause, the phrase, "...promote the general welfare," to mean a governmental guarantee for our existence. While borne out of a need to help those most in need decades ago, we now have expanded the definition of need to include a family of four making in excess of 50,000 per year.  This isn't the only problem.

When sausage-making process that is the legislature in Washington, DC, rarely considers the long-term impact those laws have on the nation. When Barney Frank and Chris Dodd led the charge in the 90's for affordable home ownership, it was seen as a mechanism to increase home ownership among minorities. While home ownership is seen as a good thing,  in order to make homes more affordable, banks and the MACs corrupted the system to use ARM mortgages and zero down qualifier language. In order to diversify risk, banks began bundling these high risk mortgages with "safer" ones and thus began the eventual collapse of the housing and banking industries.

This failure to foresee phenomenon is called blow back. It is a failure of strategic leadership to not consider what things look like when scaled out or up to hundreds of thousands of units. Although started under Bill Clinton, the program was not monitored properly under George W. Bush and magnified intensely to the point that a blip in the economy as experienced in late 2007 (I discussed this when the TIF plan was brought forward for Prairie Winds Subdivision at Sidney City Council), namely the "freeze" period in these ARM loans was expiring, people began to default on their mortgages due to the exorbitant increases in their monthly payments. Multiply this times hundreds of thousands and you get where we have gotten.

This nation needs fiscal conservatism more that social conservatism. While possible to coexist, the hugely divisive electorate since 2000 means that left and right are further apart than ever in our history. Mitt Romney would be better served to sit a little taller in his conservative saddle by realizing that swift action to reform entitlements, including the eventual dissolution of social security (replaced by some other government monitored, but private plan) would be in the long-term best interest of the nation. Get government out of the practice of certifying marriage for tax purposes. Don't fight civil unions for gays and lesbians.

Romney would do well to take what is appealing from his rivals and integrate it into his strategy. He must do so in a thoughtful way that does not alienate his challengers or their supporters, because we know how good Barack Obama is at making speeches. We, as conservatives, need not give the President any greater opportunity to wreak greater havoc on the country.

A friend mine had a bumper sticker once that had the message, "Visualize no liberals." Nearly four years of empty promises later, I hope for the nation's sake that the liberals turn on the hand that hasn't fed them.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nelson should just "Fade away...."

When I heard the news that Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska had decided to not seek re-election, I felt a great sense of relief. Such a Christmas present from the man who just two years ago was the lynchpin vote in destroying America's future with his 60th vote on Obama Care.

Praised by such left-wingers as Patty Murray of Washington State, Nelson hopes that the person who follows him will, "look for common ground" in planning the country's future. I certainly hope that the person who follows him has a large cart and a team of shovelmen handy. It will take a lot of effort to overturn the travesty of legislation that Nelson helped write into law.

Nelson, who leaves office with some three million dollars in campaign contributions, was anything but the consensus builder his reputation was built on when he toed the Reid/Pelosi express line in railroading the American people over healthcare, financial reform and credit card reforms. The pressure from Democrats and NoBama must have been enormous, or Nelson's will must have been weak. He caved in every time, siding with the liberal wing of his party and against the vast majority of Nebraskans, who overwhelmingly opposed the measures.

I am proud for my part in keeping the word going on Nelson's failure to assist Nebraskan's in keeping their hard-earned wages and isolation from the federal government masters. I know I struck a nerve as Mr. Nelson responded several times to editorials I had placed in the Sun Teletrash. How gratifying it is to know that I alone possessed the ability to drive such a despot out of power.

Nah.. I had little to do with it. Nelson, who by leaving before spending any campaign money, gets to keep it all for himself. Make sure you follow that money closely.. might end up as a fungible asset in someone else's campaign, or perhaps a lobbying group who needs his influence...

It is more than likely that Nelson is stepping aside because even he cannot  not see the writing on the wall. Democrats, who after 6 years of control in the Senate and only four years in the house, have squandered their capital on behemoth programs that people rightly see will bleed this economy and them to death. The time has come and Nelson knows it: A center-right nation cannot long abide the kind of garbage this President and his willing stooges in Congress have foisted upon them. Rather than face a certain defeat, he is taking his three million balls and is going home. Should have happened 11 years ago, but that was then and this is now.

Thanks for the memories and nightmares Benny. I hope the good people of Nebraska will never forget, nor ever surrender their good sense to another such as you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

School Board needs to investigate Flores-Lewis

Former Husker Fullback Lance Lewis facing
multiple drug felony charges
I write this with a note of somberness. I know Lance Lewis, mostly in passing after a day's work when we would swap stories over a glass of suds in one of the local pubs. I did not know him that well, nor certainly to the degree that would have understood or predicted he would be the kind of person who would purchase or use hashhish or pot.

Having said that, If he broke the law, the minimum punishment he should get is to be banned from dealing with kids. It is hard to believe that the quantity he had in his possession was solely for personal use. I also find his statement improbable that he sold portions periodically to pay for gas.

Perhaps more disturbing that Lewis' possession of such a quantity of drugs, is the statement that his wife, Tanya Flores-Lewis, a school board member, had knowledge of such prior possession and use. Where was the duty to the kids in the school system to prevent Lewis, a past Husker footballer, from being placed in situations whereby he could potentially influence these kids.

The school board has a duty to investigate this statement and to examine Flores-Lewis's knowledge of the statement provided by her husband to authorities during his arrest. If true, the school board member should apologize for failing to protect the students of the school district and she should be asked to resign or removed by the board for this gross dereliction of duty. I would even go further to suggest that the school board should commence its own investigation into whether or not the Lewis' received any gas funds originating from a student.

I am truly sad to learn of this turn of events, but the duty of the school board and the is clear. Once found guilty of these charges, or any lesser versions thereto from them, Lewis should be banned from any interaction with Sidney Public school children as a coach, mentor or life advisor until such time as he can demonstrate a contrite heart and get himself cleaned up. Flores-Lewis just needs to resign before someone's litigious parents connect Lewis to their drug-abusing teen.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Living well is its own best reward

I must admit that for the 20 months I was vastly under employed, I felt like time dragged on and on. Since picking up two jobs and relocating to the southeast, I have finally taken a much needed break from the toils of my daily grind.

The economy is still not good, but It isn't as bad as some lazy people would have you believe. The nature of the conflict in the Occupy movements has gone from those angry at Wall Street fat cats who make multi million dollar salaries, to magnets for drug use, sexual abuse, murder and a general disconnect between solid hygiene and peaceful redress of any legitimate concerns they might have had.

Newt Gingrich perhaps has best stated the matter as one whereby the occupiers are believers in all that is wrong with the left in this country. They take over parks they do not pay for, use bathrooms in places they do not pay for and beg food from merchants that they do not pay for, all the while demanding an end to the capitalism that makes the very platform they use possible.

It is incredible to my mind to understand how these people can continue to believe that a government already saddled with the promises of the left for the last 70 years, can somehow be in a position to extract enough wealth from any class of person in this country that will somehow continue to afford the false dreams they continue to be sold by their would be political masters.

The solution to the problems of this nation is to drastically scale back the size of our government, entitlement programs and get back to doing for this nation what the founders believed to be the core principles of self reliance and entrepreneurship. By enabling business to succeed, we empower people to obtain and sustain meaningful employment and we drive future competition and idea growth. Poor people never gave anyone a job and the ironic thing about the occupy movement is that there are people at the top of the movement who act just like the despots they claim to hate so much. The money guys for Occupy Wallstreet are staying in 5 star hotels and depositing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Wells Fargo and other fat cat banks.

It is time to get off the ground, dust one's self off and start all over again. Take a bath, cut your hair, beard or other areas and see what an honest attempt to secure any meaningful employment will do for your sense of self worth.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sometimes the truth hurts

I awoke this morning to a news report that a three star general in the U.S. military was relieved of command because he, "Disparaged," Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Major General Peter Fuller apparently stated that he hoped the next election cycle in Afghanistan would "produce a leader that's more articulate in public.

Karzai's comments that sparked the generals comments, included that he (Karzai) would side with Pakistan against the U.S. in a war situation.

Instead of  propping up a corrupt man such as Karzai and pussyfooting around with countries such as Iran and Pakistan, the U.S. destroys the career of honorable servicemen who have made sacrifices spanning decades.

It is another example of how our own government has lost site of what is truly important. We have spilt blood and spent treasure in a nation bereft of any ability to care about the costs we have borne on their behalf. The same can be said of the freaks who populate "Occupy Wallstreet" and other areas of the country with their demands to strip from the so-called 1% to benefit the other 99%.

I have news for all of the 99%, of which I am one: Get the hell over it. If you are tired of not working, get a job. If you can work and can't get a job, I have to believe that you are not interested in working, or the work choices you have are not up to your requirements. Beg the government to extend unemployment for another 26 weeks? or do something else.

How about Occupying Washington, DC and the lobbyists and politicians who made it legal for Wall Street to screw the economy. These people have no idea why the economy is in the shape it is currently in, much like President Obama is clueless as evidenced by sacking General Peters.

For people in the Occupy movements and also in our own government. Get a clue please. As for General Fuller, I wish him the best and thank him for his service to this country. It is a fair bet that Afghanistan will fall into civil war within months of us getting boots of the ground. As for Karzai: he has proven to be the despot so typical of such backward countries. The general was right in his assessment of Hamid Karzai. Our government sacrificed one good man, trying to appease a bad one. Typical PC horsecrap.

No small reflection

I lost my job at Cabela's in 2008. I was a respected manager by my employees, delivered excellent return on investment for the company and was even recognized by the CEO as the top corporate manager.  I wasn't bitter, nor angry. It was more shock than anything else. I took my severance and continued to live my life, searching for a new position at or above my previous level. It was just before the economy turned badly, and I held out, drawing a meager unemployment check that was one fifteenth my previous salary, thinking that I would secure employment in my field soon enough.

Reality intruded finally, not uncoincidentally, when my unemployment ran out. It was interesting to note that when you have nothing, and you are not a piece of trash, how willing you are to do anything to earn a living. In my case, I was fortunate that my ability to relate to people on a personal level was able to be translated into a new career choice, which I jumped into with both feet.

I had given up any serious thought of returning to my chosen profession in technology, when I was approached by a former co-worker in Pennsylvania. It seems my particular area of expertise in workflow design and project management, was needed to bring some order out of chaos borne of over extended employees and increased acquisitions.  Having lost my house to foreclose the year before, I sold the only other possession I owned outright, a 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle, and purchased a program car from my then current employer, Wolf Auto in Sidney. The word came in that my new employer wanted me to be in PA on or about February 1st.

The salary was about 65 percent of my prior technology salary, but it was more than twice my current salary and more than 5 times unemployment. More important to me however, was the fact that it was technology related, and the validation afforded me by coming back to a prior employer who sought me out for my expertise was quite rewarding.

Since I have been in my new place, I have traveled internationally on my company's behalf. I have been asked to participate in discussions and testing programs that will set the stage for future success for the entire creative platform and designed and implemented an automation tool that will save significant costs and increase accurate, real-time communication for my business unit.

Throughout all of the turmoil I have been through, I never once thought to blame my situation on anyone, nor sought a bailout from the government. The "Occupy Wallstreeters," and the democratic politicians who soil themselves with love for this movement fail to capture the essence of self-reliance.

By definition, we will most likely not be one of the one percent that people are railing against. It is impossible to redistribute enough wealth from this group (or even the tope 70 percent) to not leave someone out of the goody bag. This country was founded on a different set of principles, ones that have become quite foreign in today's world.

The notion that we are obligated to help our neighbors has been co-opted by the left in this country. Charity no longer begins in your home, but the White House. If your house is underwater, don't worry, just wait for the government to "forgive" your debt principle. It's ok, we'll (leftists) will take it from those who need to, "pay their fair share."

One only has to look at the healthcare debacle, the failed stimulus package, and the continuing failed episodes of quantitative easing (printing and putting into circulation more money) to see that we are still in desperate times. All states, including Nebraska, need to examine with scrutiny, the voting records of their elected representatives.  Senator Ben Nelson is up for election next year and I keep hope alive that people will remember all the hollow promises made to people in this state that have not come to fruition by him, just so he could prop up his political party, that somehow, people will realize that actions speak louder than words.

The government that governs least, governs the best. The Lord helps those who help themselves. Both of these sentiments are rooted in the believe that self reliance and self actualization are the key to individual success. It was never the design of our founder's that this government should be the provider of hearth and home, but to be the land of opportunities. We are what we make of ourselves.

Perhaps it is time for the Occupy movement to actually occupy something worthwhile. Occupy yourselves with something that builds and does not tear down. Occupy yourselves with something that brings opportunity to find self fulfillment and inner happiness.

Monday, September 5, 2011

No I haven't left

Dear friends of Gary...

Despite your fondest wishes.. I have not gone the way of the dinosaur, or the pet rock. I have merely been neck deep in a major development project that will change the entire way a client achieves on their work, workflow designs and will help revolutionize their way of doing business.

Also, I have been taking some time to review what I have been able to learn about the Sidney budget process and have been gathering up some information about Jim Pelster's auto accident recently.

I have some commitments that will dominate my life for the next 10 days, but I am still writing and preparing to publish a couple stories about the local flavor and I think you will be pleased with the results.

Until then, please keep all the info coming in. Don't forget that it is the efforts of you few patriots that keep the wheels of justice and information flowing. The guardian news is your engine, now that you don't require any protection from random PS3 stories.

Take care

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have to laugh at the FOGG :)

Wait a sec... I have been gone for a few days. What facts. You and I mean singular and either Tammy, Julie (or her husband) or Susan Earnest, seem to want to claim facts. The number of people that answered the survey was heavily skewed to the higher income areas of town. You claim the election, but elections are only shifted because of alliances ebbing and flowing. Obama won in 2008 and the country is in a shithole. Be careful before you state obvious contradictions.

It is a fact that the paper and radio station take nearly no counter position to what city government does unless it runs counter to Gary Person. The truth of the matter is, is that they turned off comments because of the likes of people aligned with Gary's friends and the number of comments became a distraction. People got their feelings hurt in the process and I am, sad to say, one of them. I don't give a rat's ass about what the friends of Gary say about me. When one of you decide to actually put your name on a post dickweed, we can debate. When you can post a "fact" without libel it will be posted.

Person IS a nice guy, who wants to control, not direct. He has surrounded himself with people who will not only do the job he wants, but report back to him on things we needs to keep a lid on. When you cross Gary, he sends his friends like the two Suzies and his allies on his committees to do the work he claims to be above.

Nice guy persona aside, Person is a dirtbag political hack. Claiming that I am the problem is your problem. The housing authority would still be sitting on its ass if I didn't raise a stink about the windows.

Those of you who hide in the shadows of your master Gary Person need to realize that all tyrannies eventually collapse of their own weight. The only question left for the people of Sidney is decide how much of tomorrow's water they wish to carry on their back's today.

I think we understand where the FOGG is. I think we understand where the POS media outlets are with their bad math editorials and ride the fence positions on critical national issues. The question for the rest of the people is what decisions city council and Gary make that will finally force the silent majority (jsut look at the head counts in the election... way less than 50%) to get off their asses and change their lives.